Thomas_DebOnly a few more days and it is summer holidays! I want to thank all of 4T ad their parents for a great year. We have had fun learning and laughing together. We have been like a family and I will miss you all! Have a great summer!!


Updated: June 24th


Important Dates:

*June 24 - Gr. 4 Swimming 

*June 25 - Museum Fieldtrip - leaving at 10:10

*June 26 - Last day of school - grade 4 awards at 11:00 am in amphitheatre and NHS School Awards at 1:00 in the gym. Reprt card release is also that day.


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Here's what is happening in our classroom:

Click the link below to have a peek at what we do in grade 4.  Listed below that are specifics about how we at NHS are tackling the various subjects.  This will be updated as we progress through the year.  As well, I will post links to online games/activities/sites that can help reinforce what we are doing in class.


Tech links:









Math:  Choose level 1 or 2. Choose 1-100 and no decimals.


Addition/Subtraction: In Alberta in grade 4 students are expected to add & subtract with 4-digit numbers.  Most of the games below work on basic +/- facts, however knowing these well helps students become more efficient when handling large numbers. (Choose any of the + or - games in the first section "Basic Operations"








Light and Shadows:

Health: Careers



 Time to Drill: