Thomas_DebHas spring finally sprung? We are starting to see patches of grass and asphalt showing through on the basketball court. The weather is warmer. Warning: Our playground can get quite watery as all the snow melts. Rubber boots are recommended.


Important reminders for 4T Parents:

-Practice multiplication and division facts nightly to reinforce the patterns and tricks we are learning in class.

-reading agendas & signing each night

-sending healthy, nut free lunches

-read 15 minutes every night. Please fill in the GREEN JUST READ duotang. Check it out!!

-students need a change of clothes for PE and running shoes.

-school starts at 8:25am...please be on time!


Updated: April 9th


Important Dates:

*April 7 - First day back after the break

*April 11 -  Author visit for grade 4

*April 14 - Fur trapper presentation

*April 18-21 - Easter weekend

*April 28 - Cold Lake Fine Arts Showcase

*May 15 - NHS Track and Field (rainout May 21)

*June 19 - Grade 4 Fieldtrip 


Please use the e-mail button to send any questions or concerns or drop in to have a chat!


Here's what is happening in our classroom:

Click the link below to have a peek at what we do in grade 4.  Listed below that are specifics about how we at NHS are tackling the various subjects.  This will be updated as we progress through the year.  As well, I will post links to online games/activities/sites that can help reinforce what we are doing in class.

LA: Our student teacher, Ms. B, is leading through a candy filled journey through the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory novel. We are working on reading strategies and reasearch.


Math: We will begin our trek through long division and division with larger numbers. Keep practicing those basic facts at home.


Social: Social in grade 4 is all about our incredible province: ALBERTA! We continue to look at the people that shaped and influenced Alberta. We are focusing on the fur traders and explorers.

Alberta Builders:


Science: Our new unit in Science is Light and Shadows. We will learn about and explore through experiments.


Light and Shadows:


Tech links:









Math:  Choose level 1 or 2. Choose 1-100 and no decimals.


Addition/Subtraction: In Alberta in grade 4 students are expected to add & subtract with 4-digit numbers.  Most of the games below work on basic +/- facts, however knowing these well helps students become more efficient when handling large numbers. (Choose any of the + or - games in the first section "Basic Operations"








Health: Careers



 Time to Drill: