Dress Code

Parents and students are encouraged to assist staff in maintaining a dress code conducive to the promotion of a positive learning environment in the school. For example, T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or label are not permitted.  Shorts, skirts, halter tops, tank tops, muscle shirts that expose undergarments and/or tops that inappropriately expose parts of one’s body are not permitted.  Clean, non-marking, dry footwear must be worn indoors at all times. A pair of non-marking indoor running shoes should be kept at school for physical education classes.  

Students who come to school wearing inaproporiate attire will respectfully be asked to change their clothing. This may include wearing a sweater or jacket.

Please label clothing brought to school - especially shoes and winter boots.   Everyone should be checking the lost and found weekly - even if they do not think anything is missing.  Students who do not check the lost and found regularly run the risk of having their items donated, recycled, or thrown in the garbage.  We simply do not have the space to store all of these items.  Every year thousands of dollars of personal items go unclaimed.