NHS Author's Visit

Lois Donovan and David Poulsen

Lois Donovan and David Poulsen

On April 25th the Library Learning Commons hosted David Poulsen - author of "And Then the Sky Exploded" (and numorous others) and Lois Donovan - author of "Winds of L'Acadie" and "The Journal". Both authors brought an element of excitement and their love of reading and writing to the students who were engrossed with their stories.

Charging Station

Students are welcome to use the charging station in the library for their phones and devices :)

Hours of Operation

The library is open 8:15-3:45 Monday to Friday

Students can access the library before school, at recesses and after school any time through the day as directed by their teacher.

Books are signed out for 2 weeks and can be renewed as needed. There is no limit (within reason) to the number of books that may be signed out, but students know that as soon as they have an overdue book, no more books may be borrowed until the overdue book is returned.  If a student is chronic with overdues, their account may be limited to only one book at a time.

Fiction Books of every genre: Novels, Picture Books, Science Fiction, Humor, Historical Fiction, Easy Reading, Manga, Graphic Novels and much more!

Non-fiction encompasses not only curriculum related materials but also a large selection of special interest such as: Sports, Drawing, Cars, Hunting, Guinness World Records, Ghost Stories, Pets, Cooking, and so much more!


All students are issued textbooks from grade 5-8.  From time to time throughout the year they are issued novel studies which fall under the realm of textbooks as well. Students are expected to take care of their textbooks throughout the year and any damage that is not considered normal wear and tear will result in the students being billed to repairs or replacement.  Students are encouraged to cover their textbooks with instruction and materials available from the librarian.

Author Celebrates Student's Locker Spine!

Our students did an amazing job of creating book spines for their lockers. Many prizes were handed out to very deserving students. Every year it gets harder and harder to chose winners because students are working hard and take pride in their accomplishment.  This year, an author friend of mine posted that she was reading the Winnowing and enjoying it very much and she had tagged the author in the post. One of our students, Aryssa Morris in grade 8, had used "The Winnowing" as the inspiration for her locker book spine.  I asked Aryssa if I could share the picture with my friend. When I did, the author was able to see the photo and was very thrilled with Aryssa's work. She reached out to me and asked if she could send us bookmarks and stickers...and she also sent a special note to Aryssa. Vickie VanSickle also shared the photo to the illustrator who did the original artwork for the book and he too was amazed.