Principal's Message

Welcome!  Nelson Heights School is a grade 4 through 6 school located in Cold Lake, Alberta.   With a continued focus on academics, positive behavior intervention and supports, athletics, and fine arts. NHS provides a well-rounded program that will nurture our children through their formative years.  

Every school is a training ground, but the middle school is much more than that. With its complement of pre and early adolescents, it is also the field upon which learning and abilities are tried, tested, and perfected; personalities formed and honed; and the patterns of a lifetime established. For your son or daughter, it is a time of laughter and tears, self-assurances and insecurities all wrapped into one package.  Through a collaborative process we will work with you to make the change process a meaningful experience.

In the Northern Lights Public Schools we believe that learning is lifelong.  The staff at Nelson Heights take pride in their hard work and continually undertake professional development to improve and to gain new knowledge.  From our parents and guardians, we need regular communication and continued support for our efforts – keep in touch with the school and your children!  From our students, we need excellent attendance, a good effort in their studies, and common courtesy and respect for property, peers and staff members. With everyone working together, Nelson Heights School will continue to be a very special, exciting place where the success of all students will be valued.  

We hope the content of this website will help you in knowing and understanding the expectations and policies of the school.  Please feel free to contact teachers or administration about your child or any other school-related topics.  Our school website is an invaluable source of real-time information that you will find useful throughout the year.  We look forward to seeing you in the new school year!